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One of our latest creations

You are Alpha, a 4 year old Golden Retriever who’s trained in search and rescue. Your name was given for being the first Golden Retriever to be used for search and rescue as this task isn’t native to your breed. A collapsed mine is your next mission. Should be easy right? however the miners have been trapped now for 2 days and their scent is disappearing!

Can you find the trapped miners using your extraordinary nose and keen canine eyes? (human scent is shown as a purple fading light within the game)

Explore Alpha Rescue in full 3D by selecting 1 of 4 game modes:
* First Person/Dog Perspective
* Third Person/Dog Perspective
* First Person/Dog Perspective – Virtual Reality (magnetic button movement)
* Third Person/Dog Perspective – Virtual Reality (magnetic button movement)

* Automatic saving of last game when returning to the menu or start new

* Share screenshots confirming your rescue to any social media app installed on device

Note – You will need a Virtual Reality headset to get the full benefit from using the Virtual Reality game modes!

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One of our latest creations

You are Ragnar, an opportunist who’s thirst for treasure has led you to discover a hidden treasure map of Pirate’s Cove. Should be easy plunder right? however the pirate’s have discovered your plans and are now hot on your trail!

Can you find the hidden treasure at Pirates Cove?

Explore Pirates Cove in full 3D by selecting 1 of 4 game modes:
* First Person Perspective
* Third Person Perspective
* First Person Perspective – Virtual Reality (magnetic button movement)
* Third Person Perspective – Virtual Reality (magnetic button movement)

* Automatic saving of last game or start new

* Share screenshots to any social media app installed on device

Note – You will need a Virtual Reality headset to get the full benefit from using the Virtual Reality game modes!


One of our latest creations

Note – You will need a VR headset to get the full benefit from using this app!

VR Real app provides realtime Virtual Reality image processing using your device camera!

Combine 15 shaders and 15 filters for hundreds of combinations!

Record your VR videos to share with friends!

Save your VR videos to iCloud!

Add a new VR experience in a completely new way!

Key Features:

– 15 Filters – preview with realtime selection window
– 15 Shaders – preview with realtime selection window
– Select your favourite music from iTunes and record within your video
– Save videos to iCloud
– Share videos to any social media installed

One of our latest creations

Translate up to 60 languages using either voice, text or images!

* 60 languages available to translate text (Afrikaan,Danish,Haitian Creole,Klingon (plqaD),Portuguese,Swedish,Arabic,Dutch,Hebrew,Korean,Queretaro,Otomi Tahitian,Bangla,English,Hindi,Latvian,Romanian,Thai,Bosnian (Latin),Estonian,Hmong, Daw,Lithuanian,Russian,Tongan,Bulgarian,Fijian,Hungarian,Malagasy,Samoan,Turkish,Cantonese (Traditional),Filipino,Indonesian,Malay,Serbian (Cyrillic),Ukrainian,Catalan,Finnish,Italian,Maltese,Serbian (Latin),Urdu,Chinese Simplified,French,Japanese,Norwegian ,Slovak,Vietnamese,Chinese Traditional,German,Kiswahili,Persian,Slovenian,Welsh,Croatian,Greek,Klingon,Polish,Spanish,Yucatec, Maya)
* up to 60 languages available for voice recognition (as whats supported by iOS device)
* up to 60 languages available for audible speech of translated text (as whats supported by iOS device)
* 8 languages OCR (Optical Character Recognition) available for images containing text (English,Chinese,French,Japanese,Korean, Portuguese,Russian and Spanish)
* select nationality and accent for accurate voice recognition ready for text translation(i.e English/Hungarian or French Maltese)
* save translations to history for easy retrieval
* select and adjust pitch,rate and volume of spoken translation
* easy help button to step you through use of the app

One of our latest creations

Simple OCR app uses a basic crop window which automatically sizes to your selected image

You can extract text from photos taken with the camera or images select from the camera roll

Once processed, the extracted text can be copied to the clipboard or the scan (image & text) can be saved to history for later use.

There are 8 languages supported English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish

No internet connection is required as all language files are installed within the app!

One of our latest creations

ARTiiMages provides realtime image processing directly from your camera!

You can see the selected filter/shader combination in realtime

15 realtime camera’s are provided while selecting filters and shaders so there is no guess work

Save as an image or record as a complete video!

Add a new emotion to your experiences and share in a completely new way!

Key Features:
– 15 Filters
– 15 Shaders
– 15 Realtime camera’s to preview Filters and Shaders
– 24 Emitter/Particle generators
– Toggle between front or rear facing camera
– Save videos to iCloud

One of our latest creations

‘My WhereAbouts’ is an easy to use navigation and landmark identification app. Simply point your device ,in any orientation, and any direction, to identify your surrounding area. A Google map will rotate with the device direction and show landmarks in your surrounding location.

Record and narrate your experience to video then upload to iCloud

Useful for hiking, sightseeing, locating or identifying landmarks regardless of distance away

Key Features:
* Rotating Google Map in current device direction
* Real time camera view finder
* Real time GPS coordinates
* Real time Magnetic / True North bearings
* Real time Magnetic / True North degrees
* Independent small and large Google Map to set different zoom levels
* Select between Magnetic / True North for more accurate positioning and direction
* Switch between camera view finder with small Google Map or large Google Map
* Record the screen to share your experience with friends and family.
* Upload recorded videos to your iCloud account

One of our latest creations

Plug is a new app that allows you to plug anyone that has a phone number or email address.

How it works.

You hire Bill to weed your garden; Bill weeds your garden just as he said he would, just when he said he would.

To show your appreciation, you search for Bills phone number and give him 4 stars, with comment saying ‘When it comes to weeding gardens, Bill is your man’. It’s that easy.

Now Bill will, get more business because of your positive review. Next time Bill weeds your garden he is going to do an equally or better job, to ensure he again earns your positive Plug.

Bill, just like most people in this world, will do more when they are appreciated. Much like you might tip a cabbie or a waiter, you can now tip anyone with a phone number or email. It won’t cost you a cent but could pay huge dividends.

One of our latest creations

Veggie Mash is a remake of the old ‘Wack A Mole’ type of game where various Veggies jump up out of the ground and you ‘mash’ them by tapping on them!

* 20 Level of increasing difficulty
* Coins earned enable buying power ups through the shop
* Crazy funny SFX to keep you entertained!
* Device tactile feedback through use of the vibrator motor

One of our latest creations

Downhill endless skateboard game using Box2D physics. Scrape will entertain you while testing your skill in balancing every move and trying to capture the maximum points!

Key Features:
* Box2D Physics
* Device vibrate while riding any rail
* Numerous sfx capturing real skateboard sounds
* Test app user to maintain balance compared to speed / jumping
* Numerous background graphics and effects to ensure every game and play is unique

The aim of Scrape is to display an in-house product to showcase what can be achieved without additional animations or physics joints.

The ‘animations’ are achieved purely from the character image (the same image used in the app icon) and your use of the game controls (level board, move forward and jump)

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