One of our older creations

Feed The Crab is a physics based puzzle game with 100 challenging levels for you to solve

Simply work out how to get the food crustacean to the crab by cutting (finger swipe the screen) the octopus tentacles. Try and collect as many stars as you can!

* 100 challenging physics puzzles to solve
* Demonstration of GL shader used for backdrop water ‘wobble’
* Integration of Spine animations (

One of our older creations

Veggie Mash is a remake of the old ‘Wack A Mole’ type of game where various Veggies jump up out of the ground and you ‘mash’ them by tapping on them!

* 20 Level of increasing difficulty
* Coins earned enable buying power ups through the shop
* Crazy funny SFX to keep you entertained!
* Device tactile feedback through use of the vibrator motor

One of our older creations

Downhill endless skateboard game using Box2D physics. Scrape will entertain you while testing your skill in balancing every move and trying to capture the maximum points!

Key Features:
* Box2D Physics
* Device vibrate while riding any rail
* Numerous sfx capturing real skateboard sounds
* Test app user to maintain balance compared to speed / jumping
* Numerous background graphics and effects to ensure every game and play is unique

The aim of Scrape is to display an in-house product to showcase what can be achieved without additional animations or physics joints.

The ‘animations’ are achieved purely from the character image (the same image used in the app icon) and your use of the game controls (level board, move forward and jump)

One of our partnership creations

First and Then is a virtual visual support app to assist people with autism and communication challenges transition calmly at home, school and the community. First and Then replaces the traditional visual supports that can be cumbersome, time consuming, costly to create and limited in function.

The first & then app is easy to use, with infinite options as personalised visuals can be selected from the camera roll, camera, google images and the apps photo library. To save time and increase functionality, frequently used storyboards can be saved for future use and visuals can be moved across the First and Then app. Text can be easily added to each image, supporting word recognition and language development.

The first and then app is designed by a father of two children with autism who works in special education, the first and then app is a tool to help parents, caregivers, educators and therapists reduce anxiety and facilitate a calm, smooth transition anywhere, anytime.

One of our older creations

Welcome to the world of Jungo! where each game play is unique!

Jungo is a fun and addictive game with simple one touch interface. Simply press anywhere on the screen to jump. Press again while in the air to jump again. Collect as many coins as you can and spend them in the shop!

* Suitable for all ages!

* 24 completely, ever changing, randomised levels every time you play!

* Levels are locked until you complete the previous ones!

* Levels get progressively harder with more to come!

* Collect extra hearts for extra lives!

* See your highest score per level from the level select menu!

* See if you can beat the highest Leaderboard scores!

* Get posted achievements on the Leaderboard as you complete each group of the level’s!

* Share with your friends via Facebook,Twitter,email or SMS showing your attached high score and get more coins!

One of our creations

Zonta House Refuge Association will be launching a brand new app which will potentially save the lives of women in danger from domestic and family violence in Western Australia.
The Positive Pathways App, named after the holistic outreach program run by Zonta House, will be the first of its kind in Australia. The App, which will be available on new and old iOS and Android devices by late November, will be free to users.

One of our partnership creations


DG.ART has over 20 different effects to be used to enhance your graphics and give them the desirable look and mood.


The app was designed in a way that everything can be customised. Some of the features are:

Fuse images from your camera roll and with images from DG.ART.

Mix and match 6 different layers in 2 different categories, home screen maker and lock screen maker.

Add text to your images for personalisation.

Get your crazy creativity flowing and move the layers back and forward.

Over impose images to your liking – And much more…

Why not check out one of our own physics engine apps below!

Why not check out one of our introduction videos below!

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