Specific User Login Redirection

Allows you to create a private section of your app only for certain user(s). This can be specific per user or for a group of users. Very useful for company employee’s or special clients where the app content isn’t for public access.

App QR Codes to promote

Provides editor to enter the URL of your app on iTunes or Google Play then generate respective QR codes for your marketing

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material or where you would like to direct your app using clients.

User Management

Create users directly from your CMS. Edit there access and details directly. Enable or disable access to padlocked areas of your app

Advanced Push Notifications

Enter your title, message and image per notification. Select which recipients based on Geolocation or user subscribed topics. Once notification is clicked, open an external URL or specific page within your app. Schedule to send notification either immediately or at a future date and time. One of the most advance push notification systems available allowing complete flexibility

Loyality Card

Create a digital loyalty program featuring one or several cards. Set passwords per employee. Number of points required and reward (eg free coffee). Enable to use once or multiple times. Update, add, edit or delete any feature instantly. Its often said getting new customers is 10 times hard than keeping existing. Offer a digital loyalty program and keep customers.

POS and Mobile Commerce

Complete Point Of Sale online, from a single or several stores. Add name, text images per categories and products. Enable search function. Allow extra option’s per product (eg pizza toppings, double shot coffee). View your orders or have them sent directly to an email enabled kitchen printer. Total flexibility setting name, image, and price. You can even have multiple tax rates


Get you business and income rolling! Offer promational and discount offers to your users. Set all details from image, description, conditions and end date. You can even set any discount to unlimited for encourage repeat business.

Social Newtork sharing

Allow your user to share any pages on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Let them share any page content via email or SMS. You can set social sharing per page. You can add and enable direct Facebook app integration by Fan page ID. Let your users help your business with free marketing

Complete Flexibility

All interfaces are point and click. No coding required! Set and manage each and every aspect of your app from a common user interface. Set background image per page or common to all pages. Set common colour scheme throughout your app…and if your need or feature isn’t available, we can custom code it on a per app basis

RSS feeds

Do you have a blog or news feeds that you’d like to feature? Its as easy as adding URL and choosing if to include RSS pictures(as available) or not. You can set background image with multiple layout options. Keep your users up to date and informed with the infomation they are wanting.


Keep an eye on your app downloads and operations at a glance. See how many times your users are using and accessing your app. Use the feedback and information to make changes that suit the majority of your users. Analytics is the key between knowing your app users needs and failing to adjust

Product listings

All products and prices at you users’ fingertips. Giving your users quick and easy access to all your products. Let them select the category and product or enable a search function. Let your users have access to social sharing to tell there their friends. Fast access for your app users can be the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity.

Photo Gallery

Like to share some news? why not add an attractive photo gallery and highlight events and products? If a picture tells 1000 words then add a photo gallery for your clients. Add easily from Pisca, Instrgram or upload your own.

Video Gallery

Don’t make your users quit your app just to watch your videos! Integrate or link externally! We have a flexible interface to allow you to upload or share all your video content. Like to only allow VIP access? enable our lock feature (as per any page) to limit the access.


You use Instagram albums? why not share them directly in your apps?


Retrieve, choose and display your photos from Picasa

You Tube

Display a complete Youtube channel or just specific videos. The choice is yours with complete flexibility


Integrate beautiful videos from Vimeo.


Let your users follow your Podcast videos or tracks.

News Wall

Enable your users to share there experiences. Get your clients feedbacks

Your the designer!

Custom every page once with your colours, and set every backgrounds with your images.

Customise to suit

Want more flexibility in your app? Create pages with the content you need: text, photo galleries, videos, etc.


Add a contact page to make it easier for your users. Add call, geolocation, links to social pages, and much more.


Does your business receive bookings? Allow your users to book a place or anything you want, with an easy and multi-store plug-in.


Lock any part of your app, and create VIP access. Unlock with membership or QR code.

Custom Forms

Build your own forms to offer surveys, feedback and many others. Click required per added option so you get the required information

Places directory

Are you a multi-store business? Create directory of nearby places and points of interest to make navigation easy for your users


Create playlists from iTunes, Soundcloud, Podcasts or your own files, and let your user get the music playing

Fan Wall

Allow your current users to send photos and comments to create feedback for new customers

In App Messages

Send messages to your users when they open the app.

Notification Topics

Create a list of topics and allow your user to select which subscriptions. You can then send targeted notifications and in-app messages to the right audience

QR Coupons Discounts and Promotion

Create discount coupons unlocked once a specific QR Code is scanned. Promote your app and allow easy downloading.

QR Code Reader

Allow your users to access specific data embedded in a QR Code of your own.