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The Itchy Software Previewer App will allow you to see and test the apps we are creating for you on your own device. Simply login with the provided details from us, then select which of your app’s to preview.

Any changes made from our CMS (Content Management System) can then be seen real time on your device!

No more endless downloading new beta versions of your app. Just fresh the screen and see the changes!

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Working within your budget

We have worked on projects with limited budgets to large-scale enterprise deployments. So our team is experienced in delivering Mobile Apps to suit most budgets.

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We have completed projects throughout Australia

Though we’re located in Brisbane, we have successfully delivered many projects in other states. Our experienced consultants will make the arrangements to make it a seamless experience, regardless of your location

We understand technology - and business.

There are many companies who can just develop Apps. But we’re more than that. We believe every App should have a solid business plan behind it. Our project consultants will be delighted to work with you to plan your App for a commercial success.

Got a plan?

It’s not always easy to come-up with a fantastic idea. That’s why we are here to discuss and plan a proper strategy to lead your project towards a commercial success.

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You Have an Idea?

What’s Next?

All apps start with an idea. But there is a process to convert that idea to an app. We’ve completed many in Australia so we can offer the experience you need – to make your idea come to life.

We don’t want just to release your app to the App Store. We want to see it succeed by generating more downloads and revenue. With a free consultation  you’ll be able to see how you can make your app a success.


  • Standard Pages – All of the standard pages one would expect in an app (About Us, Contact Us, Services, etc).

  • Custom Pages – Pages that contain the text, images, media, etc. that you want displayed to your app users.

  • Push Notifications – Enables you to send news, discounts, updates, etc to the phone of your app users.

  • App Manager – A web platform to easily update your app (make changes to pages, upload images, send Notifications, manage users, etc).

  • Taxi Cab – An Uber-like taxi cab service to use for your taxi fleet. Includes a driver and passenger front-end.

  • Booking / Appointments Pro – An appointment feature to enable your app users to schedule an appointment. It would also send reminder alerts.

  • Menu / Catalog – Display all of your items/services. The feature includes the ability to display images, prices, and categories.

  • Loyalty / Reward Points – An option to offer your customers loyalty points to help encourage repeat visits.

  • WordPress Integration – Import your pages/posts from your WordPress website. Your app would automatically update when you update your website.

  • Promotions – The ability to easily inform your customers of discounts and/or other promotions you may have.

  • In-Box Messages – This feature allows you to send messages and media to your app user’s Inbox (similar to sending to an email inbox).

  • Commerce – Your app users will be able to order food, merchandise ordering, etc.

  • Admob – Enables you to add ads to your app (to help you earn revenue from the app).

  • Data Collection – Forms that email the submission data and provides an option to download all of the submitted information or view it in the app.

  • Media – Can include any audio/video you may want in the app (including your YouTube videos).

  • Games – Looking to entertain your app users? We could add an arcade section to the app. The arcade includes games from all genres: sports, casino, strategy, action, and word games.

  • Real Time Chat – Enables your app users to easily chat with each other in chat rooms.

  • Classifieds – This feature allows you to add a Classifieds section to your app.

  • Social Media – Add links to your various social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc).

  • Smart Ads – Full screen ads to help promote products, services, events, updates, etc.

  • Comments Page – Allows your app users to easily post questions and comments that can be replied to by you or other app users.

  • Member Login – Force app users to login in order to access certain features (or the entire app).

  • Unlimited App Pages – Easily create additional pages to add to your app.

  • Publishing to the App Store – We can handle publishing your app to your Developer Account in the App Stores.

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We provide a diverse set of skills to cover everything from concept, through creation through to marketing your app

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How Much Does It Cost?

This is the one of the most common questions we get. The answer for this is, ‘it depends’. Generally the more complex the app is, the more time it will take to build and release the app. However, we’ve found practices to deliver projects extremely cost-effectively – without compromising quality.

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