Donation (Business App)

Donation (Business App)


Donation (Business App)

$299.00 $249.00

Extend your hosting and support for any of our business apps for another 12 months

Product Description



This extension is available to any charity free of charge.

Allow your app to accept donations through the Donation extension

Looking for a way to monetize your App?

Receive donation through the most user friendly payment gateway of the moment: Stripe (Also includes 2Checkout, and Paypal).

It’s entirely native!

If it’s necessary, you can opening the payment on Safari (only IOS)

Features :

  • supports Stripe, 2Checkout and Paypal payment gateway
  • direct credit card payments (no app user account required)
  • welcoming and greeting messages
  • customization choice of donation amounts (minimum amount required, by step of x, user free to choose)
  • optional user’s message send along with the donation *
  • email notifications to the app owner when receiving donation *
  • tracking of received donations in back-office *


Please note – this is an extension module for one of our Business apps. You need to have a Business app through Itchy Software to add this extension