Itchy Reseller Program


Product Description


Would you like to apply to become part of the Itchy Software Reseller Program?

We are offering a strictly limited number of reseller program’s to our – Itchy Apps System

This is our first time we have ever opened the valuts to our development’s and are looking for similar minded individuals. To get started on understanding the Reseller Program, please read the below FAQ’s

We are happy to provide vendor finance to cover the purchase capital for the right applicant!


Do you have an interest in creating mobile apps but not the technical knowledge?

Our online app system provides point and click creation with a real time app preview. Unlike other online systems, we also have direct access to the underlying code. This allows for an app to be created, without typing one line of code and further, if you do have some technical knowledge, direct editor access to the CSS, SCCS and adding html5 whenever required.

Being a member of this program will allow you to generate and sell an unlimited amount of apps and share in the revenue generated.


So what does the ‘apply’ part mean?

This isn’t another product we are selling and therefore isn’t something we will just offer to anyone. We are looking for individual’s with specific characteristics that are ready to help drive the Itchy Software logo. Technical knowledge isn’t one of the characteristics however a strong passion, helpful attitude and good communication is a must.


So this isn’t a ‘white label’ offering?

Definitely not. Years of work and hundred’s of hours spent can not just be packaged up and sold off like a cookie cutter system. There is no interest from Itchy Software to ever offering such a package or solution. If you are looking for a while label system, then Google is your friend with plenty of other systems available and wish you the best fortune on your journey


Ok, so this isn’t a ‘white label’ system, then what exactly is being offered?

We have learned the best relationship is a business partnership. You will become a partner in driving the Itchy Apps System towards small to medium sized businesses and share in the revenue generated. You are applying/purchasing a licence to access our online system indefinitely. In turn, you can sell/ transfer the licence to another individual providing they are approved by Itchy Software.


So sounds like I’m applying to become a sales business partner?

Definitely not. Majority of the ‘app building’ will be done by you through the system and covering the client liaison. We provide you with the support, training and development of the system to keep increasing your growth.

If your client requires something unique or custom, then we can provide assistance in developing the custom component and securing the sale


So am I applying to have shares in Itchy Software?

No, we are offering you to apply to become a business partner in our online app creation system and share in the revenue generated. Our native development app’s (xCode/Java) and other system’s are not included.


So why is Itchy Software offering this program?

Simply, we continue to grow and create our own partnerships with larger businesses. As a result, covering all the existing business requirements is becoming a stretch. Adding new employee’s would solve the problem, but much prefer to be engaged with individuals wanting more than just a set pay packet.


So how will my purchase capital be used?

The purchase capital will be used to cover training,support and further development of the online system. Our share of the future generated revenue will be used to further provide training,support and development of the online system

A successful applicant should have no problem in recouping the initial capital within a 4-6 week period part time


How is the revenue share being offered?

This is dependent on the individual and their preferred approach. It can be provided as a percentage, fixed rate per app or a combination of the both. The actual percentage figure or price per app is open to negotiation and dependent on the applicant. This can be discussed further during our discussion.


Ok I’m interested and would like to discuss the Itchy Software Reseller Program further!

Great, please send us an email to ‘’ titled ‘Itchy Software Reseller Program’ and briefly describe yourself and why you feel it will be a good fit. We will be in touch